Renew My Old Blog Address

If i have a time, i don't like to update my official blog I know that if i post something, its will be got traffic because i did SEO (Search Engine Optimize) so much to the blog. Some of my original articles red many times and still reading now such as Tips Untuk Menjadi Orang Berwibawa (Tips for Being A Wise Man), many bloggers linked and copied these posts to their blogs.
Why i don't like to post a new one?, don't say if i have no idea to write...but what for i am blogging now. When i searched my name on Google, thousand addresses link to me (beside my own sites, blogs, or community network accounts), and my official blog take a first position (sometime 2nd or 3rd after Facebook and Twitter accounts) at first page of Google search. While i was browsing i found a link that show my old blog address printed at medical magazine, even the year 2008, its name Cermin Dunia Kedokteran (Medical World's Mirror). You can click this link, see number 46 at table list. Even i deleted the blog couple years ago, but some bloggers recognize this than another one.

So that is being my motivation to post everything i want to write on my Re-New Old Address Blog.
Starting now, i promise (keep it Yhosse) to update this blog regularly.


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